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Fence Power wash and Stain

Revitalize & Protect: The Power of Professional washing & Staining over time, Fences fall victim to natures relentless elements, accumulating dirt, mold, and discolorations. Our power washing and staining service goes beyond mere cleaning – it’s a rejuvenation process. Power washing strips away the layers of time, revealing the fence’s natural beauty, while staining seals in that beauty, offering enhanced protection against UV rays and weathering. The result? A stunning fence that’s both durable and visually appealing, maximizing your property’s curb appeal and the fence’s lifespan. Experience the transformation and the advantages of a fence treated with care and expertise.

Cedar Fence Repair
Highlands Ranch fence repair.

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Fence Repair

Mend and Fortify: Your Fence’s Best Ally Fences are the first line of defense against the outside world, and they deserve meticulous care. Our fence repair services are designed to restore both the functionality and appearance. With our expert touch, those wear and tear signs vanish, giving your fence renewed strength and beauty, ready to stand tall and serve its purpose.

Wood Fence Installation or Replacement.

A new wood fence can significantly improve your property’s appearance and functionality. Whether you need to replace a worn-out fence or install a new one, Valenzuela Fence offers expert services that ensure a perfect fit for your home. Our wood fences are designed to provide privacy, security, and an attractive look that complements any style. With years of experience and a commitment to quality, Valenzuela Fence is your go-to choice for reliable and beautiful wood fence installations and replacements. Enhance your outdoor living space with a fence that adds value and appeal.

Honest Reviews

I appreciated the experience from start to finish. I took 3 bids and Jorge was by far the most engaging and professional, and he had “high-value” pricing. The execution was excellent. He was communicative throughout the process, and I enjoyed chatting with he and his crew. We navigated demo’ing the old dilapidated one, lumber shortages, clarifying my needs on the fly, and they built a VERY solid and attractive fence. I would highly recommend. Now, all I have to do is seal it with stain!

I hired them not knowing much about them. My fence was old and needed a lot of work. Honestly I was surprised by their work ethic and the job they performed, the fence looks brand new. They exceeded my expectations and are affordable. I highly recommended them and will definitely keep them in mind next time I need them.